Jenica Dragan was born on 3 April 1949 in Galati, and there he studies High School and Primary School.
Faculty ofLaw at University of Bucharest. lawyer and University Teacher
He started with poems in June 1981, at the same time in the literary artistic supplement from Scanteia Tineretului and Tomis Magazines where he was recommended by. Alex Stefanescu and Nicolae Motoc. Co¬operations with Orizont, Tribuna, Ramuri, Tomis, ExPonto, Porto-Franco and other magazines, with poems, prose, essays and translations.
He makes his edotorial debut in 1994 with Butterfly Effect, he published the books The Weight of Shadow and Delayed Poems. Journalism Volumes: Clamdestines Laboratorys, About drogs in Romanian, Gods. Heroes and Characters in drogs mitology. Author for didactic and dictionarys books.

Left alone into
the orbit of the passing mirror
the skin the flesh the blood
are dressing up a butterfly
with wings wide-open.

Singur ramas în
oglinda scursei oglinzi
Pielea carnea sângele
îmbraca un fluture
cu aripile larg desfacute


Naive tyrant easy fooles by the shah
by the white horse came from the West
I'm mapping errors of the royal tactics
under archers' grin from the ember

I'm graceless moving my pawns all of a heap
prides are eye sparkling in black and white
And the game usurped by rigid rules
Passes into memory for the defeated one, too.


Tiran naiv momit de sah
de calul alb venit din Soare-apune
cartografiez erori din tactica regala
sub rânjetul arcasilor din taciune

Misc fara har pionii mei de-a valma
lucesc alb negru vanitatea în privire
Si uzurpat de stricte reguli jocul
trece si pentru învins în amintire.