(studenta, Londra)

Oneness in two
Two was not enough
So we wanted to be One again.
We are but mirrors to ourselves
And to one another.
Losing, rediscovering myself
In a never-ending gaze
Into each other’s soul.
Hold my hand very tightly
And come up with me
As I elongate myself
Between Earth and Cosmos,
When I become one with Origins.
Two bodies or one?
I can’t seem to realize
Where my limbs end and yours begin
This charcoal black drives me mad
Are you a tiger or a wolf in the night?
And when the wine and the fumes
Mingle, play, relish in the sweetness
Of our mouths searching for each other
That’s when the Moon guides over
The Mischief of our Beingnesss.
Breathing in one another, breathe my soul
As the poet said, only teeth can kiss
Breathing in your heart as I listen
Carefully to its arrhythmic beat.
Hands intertwined in a grand dance
Welcoming the valse of our bodies
Through which Oneness was revealed.
Don’t lose yourself when you look
Into my eyes – because
One was not enough,
So we wanted Everything.

Poem of connection
Still, stillness
In the space between our hearts
Mirroring, beating together
Sensing, racing, playing with each other
There is still, stillness.
Quiet, quietude
In the space between our hands
Holding, feeling
Creating, giving, receiving
Perceiving, indulging, channelling energetic
There is quiet, quietude.
Peace, peacefulness
In the space between our eyes
Reflecting, pondering, sharing
Dreaming, sinking into each other
There is peace, peacefulness.
Connection, connecting
In the space between our souls,
Mingling, playing, growing
Dancing, flowing spiralling around each other
There is connection, connecting.
Understanding, understanding
In the space between our minds
Challenging, asking, inquiring
Reading, collaborating with each other
There is understanding, understanding.
Growing, growth
In the space between our arms
Embracing, protecting, supporting
Holding, warming each other
There is growing, growth.

The Onion at its Core
Peeling layers off an onion
Undressing the soul
Tearing down invisible barriers
Never created, always there
Till we reach the Core,
The Essence of all that is.
Going deep, releasing, unravelling,
Pouring out all that needs pouring
Reaching out for the Stars
Remembering sacred connection
And simultaneously creating new ones
Between bare burning chests
Intertwined in a magical circle
That protects the One Heart
Pulsing enough vitality for two
Resonating as one.
Peeling layers off an onion
To reach the One and the All.

Bristena Georgiana MANTU
Studenta anul II drept, King’s College London, Londra, Marea Britanie